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Quit smoking campaign Stoptober backs e-cigs for first time

The annual Stoptober campaign in England is embracing e-cigarettes for the first time - in a sign vaping is being seen as the key to getting people to quit.

Health experts have tended to shy away from explicitly promoting e-cigarettes.

But the government campaign during October will feature vaping in its TV adverts for the first time.

It comes after e-cigarettes proved the most popular tool for quitting during last year's campaign.

Japan Tobacco’s cigarette sales plummet harder than expected

Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco will launch their new, real tobacco e-smokes, IQOS in Japan that will become the key testing ground for the two companies. After successful tries in Europe and Japan since 2014, the two giants are confident and expect a global expansion soon.

At the time BAT was launching its “hybrid” e-cigarette in Romania, two other giants announce that their smokeless cigarette will be released in Japan.

Philip Morris International's 2018 Resolution Is to Give Up Cigarettes

LONDON — Philip Morris International (PMI) kicked off 2017 by reaffirming its commitment to a smoke-free future. This year PMI is taking that pledge to the next step.

FDA requires additional e-cigarette makers to provide critical information so the agency can better examine youth use and product appeal, amid continued concerns around youth access to products

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration continued to take important steps to address youth use of e-cigarettes by sending official requests for information to four e-cigarette manufacturers requiring them to submit important documents to better understand the youth appeal of these products.

AHA: Even with weight gain, smoking cessation ups survival

(HealthDay News) -- Fear of unhealthy weight gain can be a factor holding smokers back from quitting the habit. But a new study finds that even if people do gain a few pounds once they quit, their post-cigarette health is still much better than if they'd kept on smoking. The findings are being presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA), held from Nov. 15 to 19 in Chicago.

FDA funded junk scientists and THR opponents at UCSF urge FDA to reject Swedish Match's MRTP application

FDA funded junk scientists and THR opponents at UCSF urge FDA to reject Swedish Match's MRTP application because they don't' want tobacco consumers to know snus is far less hazardous than cigarettes, doesn't cause mouth cancer, and has helped many people quit smoking

Utah officials slash fines for e-cigarette marketers

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Utah officials have slashed fines for three online electronic cigarette marketers from $1.1 million to $31,150. They declined comment on why the Utah Division of Consumer Protection quietly settled civil cases with companies that had been cited for more than 440 violations after allegedly deceiving and ripping off customers. Department of Commerce spokeswoman Jennifer Bolton told The Salt Lake Tribune (http://bit.ly/1zSe94o ) the agency will “let the full terms of the settlement agreements speak for themselves.”

E-cigarettes being sold in prison shops in smoking ban pilot

Prisoners are being allowed to smoke e-cigarettes as part of a pilot scheme that could lead to a jail smoking ban. BBC News has learned that a brand of disposable e-cigarettes has been on sale in three prisons for two months.

In landmark FDA tobacco study, e-cig questions likely to linger

(Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is poised to release initial data from a landmark study into how Americans use tobacco products, but researchers expect many key questions about e-cigarettes to remain unanswered.

The five-year Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study of about 46,000 people, begun in 2011, is expected to provide a wealth of data about smoking behavior that could shape regulations ranging from warning labels and advertising restrictions to new product approvals.

Snus and e-cigarettes are indisputably safer than smoking, contrary to what the New York Times wants you to think

The New York Times would much rather have people believe that the e-cigarette as well as Snus is as bad as or possibly worse than traditional smoking.


Long-term e-cigarette use could lead to chronic lung conditions, scientists have warned.

US researchers found e-cigarette vapour affects cells in the lungs in the same way as cigarettes smoke, even after just one hour.

Long-term exposure could lead to emphysema, which is also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.

These are, however, only preliminary results, but naturally, medical experts are hailing then as significant already.

The smoke and mirrors of the anti-cigarette crusade

Colleges and universities are not the only institutions infantilizing young adults these days. State and local governments are, too. The latest example is the District of Columbia, which is about to raise the smoking age to 21. In doing so it will join California, Hawaii and more than 100 cities, including New York, Chicago and Cleveland.

Shares Bringing Holiday Cheer For Investors: British American Tobacco p.l.c. (:BTI)

Shares of British American Tobacco p.l.c. (:BTI) have climbed in the previous month. During that time period, shares are up 3.57% which has provided some nice profits for investors who may be looking to take advantage of the recent gains. Focusing in on the past five trading days, shares have changed -0.28%. Year-to-date, the stock has performed 5.28%.

GOP finally sees Vape law problems

After ignoring protests last year, then seeing a preliminary injunction issued by a U.S. District Court and an FBI investigation launched, Indiana House Republican leaders now want to overhaul a vape law that would have created a monopoly.

The law would have mandated a certification process that would create a monopoly for Mulhaupt’s, a Lafayette-based business. The law had been championed by state Sen. Ron Alting, who is — you guessed it — from Lafayette.

E-cigarette use falls for the first time as MPs launch inquiry into whether use of the devices should be restricted

Electronic cigarette use has fallen for the first time among smokers, as a select committee has announced an inquiry into the devices.

Following studies linking e-cigarettes with cancer and infertility, the House of Commons science and technology committee will take evidence on how they affect human health.

Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco: The Next Wave Of A Harm-Reduction Revolution

A little-known tobacco technology, Heat-not-Burn (HNB), has the potential to slash smoking-related death and disease by appealing to the millions of smokers who've failed to quit using e-cigarettes and traditional nicotine-replacement therapies.

Unlike e-cigarettes, HNB products use real tobacco, but instead of burning it like traditional cigarettes, they heat the tobacco, giving users a tobacco-flavored vapor. This is critical because it is the burning of tobacco which forms the most harmful compounds found in cigarette smoke.

E-cigarette maker refuses to accept returns on unsold products, wholesaler claims

PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania wholesaler is suing Ballantyne Brands LLC, a North Carolina company that produces electronic cigarettes and related paraphernalia, citing alleged breach of contract.

Promote Health by Not Defending the E-Cigarette Ban

Harm reduction — opting for a product or activity that is not harmless but is better than the existing alternative — is a common and obvious strategy that we employ almost unthinkingly. For example, many drugs used for chemotherapy to treat cancer are highly toxic and cause a variety of serious side effects, but taking them is better than leaving the cancer untreated.

Game Changer | Why Canada’s Top Anti-Tobacco Group Embraces Vaping

It’s the mortal enemy of the tobacco industry, the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association. For over 40-years, the NSRA leads the effort to eradicate the tobacco industry’s deadly products. Racking up win after win with non-smoking bylaws, advertising bans and the world precedent setting graphic warnings on cigarettes packages.

You still cannot vape on US inbound, outbound flights

A divided federal appeals court is upholding a President Barack Obama-era regulation that barred e-cigarette smoking—also known as vaping—on both inbound and outbound US flights.

Dailymail.co.uk releases unfounded anti-E-Cigarette article

Dailymail, a UK based online news outlet released a story this past Monday titled  "E-cigarettes are as dangerous as smoking - just ONE puff could be all it takes to increase the risk of a heart attack".

Although some of the studies cited in the article were legitimate, the writers failed to establish ANY sufficient evidence that would warrant making such a direct and blatant comparison between traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Big Tobacco to Spend Millions on Self-Critical Ads in U.S.

Broadcast television networks and metro newspapers are about to get a boost from an unexpected but familiar source: Big Tobacco.

It’s an old media buy to resolve an old fight. Starting as soon as next month, Altria Group Inc. and British American Tobacco PLC will begin running court-mandated ads to put to rest a lawsuit brought nearly two decades ago by the U.S. Department of Justice over misleading statements the industry had made about cigarettes and their health effects.

UK : More data indicating that youth smoking is at record low

Latest data obtained from an annual survey of secondary school pupils in England, indicates that the proportion of adolescent regular smokers is at a record low.

The Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England – 2016, is the latest survey report in a series that began in 1982. The results from this annual survey are obtained from secondary school students in England in years 7 to 11, which in 2016 amounted to 12,051.

As Sessions Cracks Down on Weed, Maker of Fentanyl Is Selling Synthetic THC

Attorney General Jeff 'Beauregard' Sessions rescinded a trio of memos from the Obama administration on Thursday that had previously set a standard for federal non-interference with state-approved marijuana sales.

In a statement released by the Department of Justice, Sessions made it clear that "The War on Drugs" is back on, and will be starting with marijuana.

Smokeless cigarettes not as harmless as claimed, study says

Philip Morris International’s iQOS smokeless cigarette product.

The new “heat not burn” smokeless cigarette devices are not as harmless as their manufacturer claims, according to a new study.

How Germany is smoking other countries in e-cigarette regulation

They are slowly taking over the streets, parks and train platforms of Berlin and other cities, exhaling their sweet candle-like aerosol and watching it waft away. Vapers! People who have substituted cigarettes for so-called e-cigarettes, and smoke for vapor.

Exclusive: Pay per puff? Caffeine stick? E-cigarette boom sparks race for new patents

(Reuters) - Electronic cigarette makers are racing to design and buy variations of a technology that has lit a billion-dollar boom, created a new vocabulary, and prompted a backlash from health officials worried about the impact of the new smokeless devices. Research by Thomson Reuters shows that China - with over 300 million smokers - is the front runner in the manufacture and development of so-called e-cigarette technology, while new versions being patented include a "pay as you go" computer-assisted device and others that can deliver caffeine instead.

House Republican leadership urges FDA to loosen its grip on the e-cig market

The Family Smoking Prevention Tobacco Control Act, passed in 2009, gave regulatory authority over tobacco products to the FDA. One of the law’s edicts was that the agency had to figure out how to deal with novel (newer) products, especially including e-cigarettes. Earlier this year (April 25th), the FDA announced that henceforth, e-cigs were to be “deemed” a tobacco product — even though they contain no tobacco and emit no smoke.

E-Cigarettes May Serve as Gateway to Smoking for Teens, Study Suggests

When I was in middle school, I asked my mom if she would be mad if I tried smoking. I’ve never forgotten her answer: “Go ahead and try it,” she said. “You’ll hate it, and you’ll never want to do it again.” So about a year later, when the opportunity presented itself, I took a puff off an older kid’s cigarette in a public bathroom. I could barely inhale, and I’ve never had the desire to try one since.

2014 Anti-E-Cig Myth of the Year Award Goes to CDC, Dr. Stan Glantz, and Dr. Michael Fiore

he Rest of the Story is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014 Anti-Smoking Myth of the Year Award. This year's award goes to: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Dr. Stan Glantz; and Dr. Michael Fiore for publicly spreading the myths that electronic cigarettes

Jane Brody’s column spreads poisonous nonsense about e-cigarettes

The well-respected NYTimes columnist Jane Brody has been around a long, long time, and we here at ACSH often use her column for its worthwhile information for our readers. Today’s piece, More Worries Rise From the Ashes, is in stark contrast to those, unfortunately. And this topic presented her with a great opportunity to do her readers a major service — instead, she offers irresponsible and harmful information about America’s number one problem: smoking.

ACSH: NY Times editorial and op-ed sows confusion between e-cigs and real ones

In their ongoing campaign to stifle the truthful communication of risks (hypothetical) and benefits (not yet documented but theoretically huge) regarding the innovative low-risk nicotine devices, e-cigarettes and vapor products, the NYTimes has reached new “heights” today. Working hand-in-glove with the “public health” officials, NGOs and politicians whose craving for cigarette tax money and/or big pharma largesse outweigh their ethics, the Times’ editorialists published an essay misleadingly titled The Perils of Smokeless Tobacco. Upon reading it, however,.....

Vehicle for aggregate harm or the lesser of two evils? Experts continue to flip flop on the issue

Electronic cigarettes are a new and divisive force in the struggle against tobacco-related morbidity and mortality. Two commentaries published in Annals of Internal Medicine offer opposing views on their use.

Australia urged to consider permitting nicotine e-liquids

Next year could mark a breakthrough for the Australian e-cigarette market, with the regulator due to review a proposal that e-cigarettes could be allowed subject to a maximum nicotine concentration.

As the latest ECigIntelligence regulatory report makes clear, at present all nicotine-containing products for therapeutic use must be approved as “registered” medicines in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods before they can be marketed. To date, no such approval has been granted.

US Surgeon General's misplaced call to arms against e-cigarettes

The U.S. Surgeon General has just released a new report on e-cigarettes which could be influential in further shaping U.S. vaping policy

The report itself is framed almost entirely by the concern about e-cigarette use by young people and, as a result, has virtually nothing to say about the impact of e-cigarettes on adults over the age of 18.

British smokers are switching to e-cigarettes faster than anyone else in Europe

Since 2013, one person has switched from traditional smoking to so-called vaping every four minutes in the UK, according to new research from EY.

And now more than 2m British people vape, a total of 4.2 per cent of adults.

By contrast, the next highest penetration is in France, where just over 3 per cent use electronic products.

Read More: British American Tobacco shares fall three per cent on Reynolds deal news

Smoking hot! Girls light up vape industry expo as they toke on latest electronic cigarettes in Russia

Hundreds of Russian e-cigarette smokers descended on Saint Petersburg this weekend to take party in the city's first ever event dedicated to vaping.

Women with tattoos and brightly-coloured hair were among those showing off their vaping skills at the Vapexpo Spb exhibition at the Lenexpo conference centre.

The event, which is dedicated to the vaping industry, offered electronic cigarette fans the chance to try out different brands of devices and e-liquids, as well as to improve their vaping skills.

Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd. Files for Bankruptcy

Item 1.03. Bankruptcy or Receivership.

Gottlieb Tells Congress FDA Will Base E-Cig Regulations on Science

Democrats like to portray their party as the “party of science.” Yet, when it comes to harm-reducing tobacco alternatives that offer millions of smokers a chance to quit their deadly habit—Dems may as well be a pitchfork-wielding village mob. Luckily, for public health, the newly appointed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is not as fearful of innovation.

San Francisco to ban sales of vaping flavored liquid

San Francisco city supervisors unanimously approved a measure that bans the sale of flavored nicotine-laced liquid used in electronic cigarettes and flavored tobacco products, saying nicotine masked in cotton candy, banana cream, mint and other flavors entices kids into a lifetime of addiction.

Other cities have passed laws reducing access to flavored vaping liquids and flavored tobacco but San Francisco is the first in the country to approve a sales ban.

Sales of vaping liquids that taste like tobacco will still be allowed.

Sessions To Lead Trump Admin’s Expected Marijuana Crackdown

The Trump Administration is expected to announce a federal crackdown on marijuana next week, according to multiple sources.

Donald Trump’s Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is expected to recommend the crackdown, which is supposedly taking place “in an effort to reduce the number of violent crimes.”

E-cigarette bans may be violating international trade rules

India is amongst the countries looking to ban electronic cigarettes, despite the mounting evidence that these products are effective harm reduction and smoking cessation tools. In a policy study conducted by R Street Associate Fellow Maria Foltea, the legality of such bans was looked into and found to be violating World Trade Organization rules.

Vape Retailers Are Losing ‘A Significant Amount Of Business’ Under Tobacco Crackdown

Vaping shops are struggling to stay afloat under mounting financial losses stemming from a hike in the legal tobacco purchasing age from 18 to 21 in Chicago.

Singapore MPs question their government’s stance on vaping

The government of Singapore has been striving significantly to achieve a smokefree future, by implementing regulations such as banning smoking in public spaces and raising taxes. However, local MP’s rightfully feel that the local e-cigarette ban is counterproductive to this campaign.

Importing and selling vaping products has been banned in the island city-state since 2014, and possession of the products has been made illegal since December 2015. In line with Singapore’s Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act,

Dr. Manny Alvarez: Pot needs to be legal now. Congress needs to make it happen

Someone needs to tell Congress that when it comes to marijuana, the genie is out of the bottle.

FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb Strikes Right Tone on E-Cigarettes

There's no doubt about it. E-cigarettes have the potential to save millions of lives.

What makes smoking so dangerous isn't the nicotine, per se. Nicotine is an addictive alkaloid, just like caffeine. (Believe it or not, plants produce both compounds because they are insecticides.) The addiction makes people want more tobacco, but the molecule itself isn't all that harmful.

The wheels of Big Tobacco turn slowly

The federal government has introduced the most sweeping changes to the Tobacco Act in a generation. Among the changes announced last week, the new regulations will apply many existing tobacco regulations to vaping products, restrict “lifestyle” advertising for vaping products, the use of testimonials or any reference to e-cigarettes as healthier than standard tobacco products, and give Health Canada the power to implement plain and standardized tobacco packaging.

Early study results point to heating element in vaping and e-cig devices as cause for serious lung injuries

Newswise — Irvine and Pasadena, CA – Sept. 28, 2020 – Early results of an experimental vaping study have shown significant lung injury from E-cigarette (eC) devices with nickel-chromium alloy heating elements.

Beantwoording Kamervragen over de berichten dat kinderen steeds vaker in aanraking komen met e-sigaretten

Antwoorden van staatssecretaris Van Rijn (VWS) op vragen van het Kamerlid Rebel (PvdA) over de berichten dat kinderen steeds vaker in aanraking komen met e-sigaretten.

Tobacco cravings significantly reduced by e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes offer smokers a realistic way to kick their tobacco smoking addiction. In a new study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, scientists at KU Leuven report that e-cigarettes successfully reduced cravings for tobacco cigarettes, with only minimal side effects. [cigarette and e-cigarette] By the end of the 8-month study, 21% of study participants had stopped smoking tobacco altogether and an additional 23% cut the number of tobacco cigarettes they smoked per day by half. Credit: Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

California Journal E-cigarettes appear here to stay: So put that in your mod and vape it

In the laboratory of the California Vaping Co., Dakoda Collins mixed up one of his signature potions. Wearing a surgical mask and gloves, he carefully measured out colorless, liquid nicotine from a plastic jug. He drew the nicotine into a fat syringe, then shot it into a large glass beaker of amber fluid, where it would be swirled with an industrial-strength immersion blender and gently heated.

Onderzoek: e-sigaret is opstapje naar gewoon roken voor jeugd

NIEUWVEEN - De elektronische sigaret, vaak gebruikt om het stoppen met roken te vergemakkelijken, blijkt door jongeren gebruikt te worden die anders waarschijnlijk nooit waren gaan roken. Dat is de uitkomst van een Amerikaans onderzoek onder tweeduizend tieners van 14 en 15 jaar.

Double tobacco tax, Council on Smoking and Health urges Hong Kong government

An anti-smoking body is calling on the government to double tobacco tax in a bid to get more Hongkongers to kick the habit. The current tax rate on a pack of cigarettes is 69 per cent. Doubling that would see the price rise from .....

UN-backed treaty set to mark 10 years of dramatic change in tobacco use worldwide

26 February 2015 – A World Health Organization-led treaty that aims to achieve a tobacco-free world has dramatically curbed tobacco use worldwide since its entry into force 10 years ago tomorrow, but “the war on tobacco is far from over” with the tobacco industry still spending billions to promote products that are expected to kill some 8 million people each year by 2030, the United Nations health agency said.

Carl Phillips: New York Times makes clear that they object to Joe Nocera’s honesty

Today, the New York Times Editorial Board, in an apparent backlash against their excellent columnist (one of the two), Joe Nocera, exercising his autonomy to write something honest about e-cigarettes, published both an anti-ecig screed by two leading liars and a general anti-THR screed of their own (mostly about e-cigarettes, though the headline was about smokeless tobacco). Needless to say, both are thick with lies. Honestly, they are pretty boring, but for the record, I thought I should call out a few points.....

‘Vraagtekens bij E-sigaret onderzoeken’

Dat stelt de onderzoeker en cardioloog Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, onder meer verbonden aan de universiteit van Leuven. Hij toont met zijn onderzoek aan dat bij gebruik van hogere voltage batterijen slechts een minimale hoeveelheid aldehyde uit de verdamper van de e-sigaret vrijkomt. Het gemeten niveau ligt ver beneden de kankerverwekkende emissies die vrijkomen tijdens het roken van traditionele sigaretten.

E-cigarette retailers, smokers weigh-in on new FDA regulations

Smokers turn to e-cigarettes as an alternative way to still get a buzz, but that may be under fire after FDA regulations went into effect this summer.

Since the FDA started regulating e-cigarettes, retailers and consumers alike have been affected negatively.

The prices of items have gone-up, the selection of juices has dropped, and people new to vaping are left in the dark.

Global E-cigarette Market 2016-2020: Research Report with detailed analysis on Key Vendors, Segmentation, Drivers, Challenges, Trends, Shares & Forecast to 2020

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E-cigarette Market to Grow at a CAGR of 24.33% by the period 2016-2020.

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