Ex-FDA chief Scott Gottlieb: ‘Juul is going to be in a hard spot to ever get their product approved’
“Juul is in a hard spot to ever get their product approved,” Gottlieb said in a “Squawk Box ” interview. “They have so much historical youth use with their product. I don’t know how Juul gets through an application process.”
Health officials investigate seizure risk with electronic cigarettes
The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday it has reviewed 35 reports of seizures among e-cigarettes users, particularly young people. Regulators stressed it's not yet clear whether vaping is responsible. But they said they're concerned and encouraged the public to report information about the issue.
Next Generation Nicotine Delivery 2019
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FDA raids Juul headquarters, seizes thousands of documents
In an amped-up battle to keep teenagers from vaping, investigators for the Food & Drug Administration raided the San Francisco headquarters of Juul Labs.
Thailand vape ban: Travellers unaware they could face up to 10 years in prison for using e cigarettes
A travel agent is urging others to tell their customers not to vape in Thailand as they could face up to 10 years in prison.
Is "Heat, not Burn" Risk Reduction?
A new type of "heat-not-burn" cigarette releases some of the same cancer-causing chemicals found in traditional cigarette smoke, a recent experiment suggests
Philip Morris charged over tobacco sticks
The Ministry of Health has charged tobacco giant Philip Morris over the sale of tobacco sticks known as HEETS.

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  • Two Brothers Are Accused Of Running One Of The Largest Illegal THC Vape Cartridge Operations In The US

    Two brothers in their early twenties have been accused of running what authorities say could be one of the largest operations to manufacture and sell illegal THC-filled vaping cartridges in the US.

    Authorities said 20-year-old Tyler Huffhines was the ringleader of a sophisticated vaping “empire” that is now being investigated for links to the recent vaping-related illnesses and deaths across the country.

    Huffhines was charged Monday on several counts of possession with intent to manufacture and distribute THC over 10,000 grams, maintaining a drug house, and identity theft. He was held in lieu of a $500,000 cash bond as of Tuesday. His 23-year-old brother, Jacob Huffhines — who was previously convicted for dealing cocaine — was charged on counts of possessing cocaine, THC, and a firearm.

    The two brothers allegedly ran the operation out of a rented condo in Bristol where they paid at least 10 people to fill liquid THC — which is illegal in Wisconsin — into vaping cartridges and package them to look like candy with names like “Chronic sour patch.”

    Authorities said they seized more than $1.5 million worth of THC products during the bust.

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