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Big Tobacco Opens Shops to Show Off Vaping Devices

British American Tobacco aims to educate customers on how to use its vapor product

E-Cigarette Explodes In Man’s Pants Pocket At Grand Central Terminal

Terrifying video Wednesday showed an e-cigarette exploding in a man’s pocket at Grand Central Terminal.

As CBS2’s Christine Sloan reported, the man was working inside a store at Grand Central when his pants suddenly caught fire Wednesday morning. By the late afternoon, the man was hospitalized for burns.

E-Cigs at Critical Juncture

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s deeming regulations on vapor products could shift the $3 billion that e-cigarettes/vape are estimated to generate this year in brick-and-mortar stores to online vendors and black market players.

Stakeholders have made the case that it’s important for the FDA to set a new predicate date in the final rule, and that Congress should update the predicate date for newly-deemed products. New FDA deeming regulations authorized earlier this year ban e-cigarette sales to Americans under age 18, among other stipulations.

Foreign firm taps unregulated e-cigarette market

Multinational firm British American Tobacco (BAT) will start selling this week a branded e-cigarette product that would allow the cigarette firm to tap a growing yet unregulated and fragmented market in the country.

Roberto Eugenio, BAT Philippines corporate and regulatory affairs manager, told reporters last week that the Vape ePen, a “next-generation product” of the tobacco giant, would be made exclusively available in select outlets of the convenience store chain 7-Eleven nationwide starting Wednesday.

Japan Tobacco begins nationwide e-cigarette rollout next year

Japan Tobacco will expand sales of e-cigarettes to stores throughout the country starting in 2017 as their popularity soars in a market where smoking is in decline.

The former state monopoly's e-cigarettes are already available online and in the southern city of Fukuoka. Expanded sales will begin at stores in Tokyo and other large urban areas, spreading elsewhere gradually. The company will also consider overseas sales.

Restricting or banning e-cigarettes will condemn millions of Indian smokers to death: Heneage Mitchell

India is at par with all other regional countries with regards to their consumers demand for e-cigarettes to be safely regulated and available, but falls behind most of the countries in the region with regards to awareness of e-cigarettes and the benefits they can introduce to smokers.

Vapers rejoice: The tide is turning towards e-cigarettes in France

France has become the latest country to issue official guidance in favour of e-cigarettes, suggesting they are an effective tool for smokers who are looking to reduce or replace tobacco.

Smoking / Quit Smoking Regulatory Affairs / Drug Approvals How to measure nicotine delivery from e-cigarettes

To be effective in helping smokers get off cigarettes, e-cigarettes
need to deliver enough nicotine to replace what smokers were getting
from tobacco, but also need to deliver it consistently at different use
sessions. From later this year e-cigarettes sold in Europe will have to
be tested to ensure that they deliver nicotine consistently, but no
specific protocol has been proposed yet.

Lung Association Calls Leo out for vaping as "Deeply Troubling"

Leo DiCaprio may have won a SAG award, but he's lost respect from the American Lung Association for his e-cigarette display at the ceremony.

The actor was sitting at a table Saturday during the awards presentation, smoking a vape pen.

It's illegal to smoke vape pens in the city of L.A. in restaurants, bars and other public places, but interesting, the prohibition does not apply to "theatrical production sites." Presumably, the Shrine Auditorium, where the SAG awards were held, qualifies as a theatrical production site.

Victorian doctor calls for end to contradictory laws over 'life-saving' e-cigarettes

A Victorian doctor has sparked controversy, calling for electronic cigarettes to be recognised as an effective tool to quit smoking.

Ballarat GP Attila Danko said he was hooked on traditional cigarettes for 30 years, until he took up e-cigarettes.

"I tried all the usual things, all the patches, all the gums, but I was always tempted back to smoking until I found e-cigarettes," he said.

Reynolds American wins US approval to buy Lorillard

Reynolds American on Tuesday won U.S. antitrust approval to buy smaller rival Lorillard in a deal that would combine the No. 2 and No. 3 U.S. cigarette companies.

The Federal Trade Commission said it would allow the acquisition to go forward on condition that the companies sell four cigarette brands - Winston, Kool, Salem and Maverick. They will be purchased by Imperial Tobacco Group.

‘Vraagtekens bij E-sigaret onderzoeken’

Dat stelt de onderzoeker en cardioloog Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, onder meer verbonden aan de universiteit van Leuven. Hij toont met zijn onderzoek aan dat bij gebruik van hogere voltage batterijen slechts een minimale hoeveelheid aldehyde uit de verdamper van de e-sigaret vrijkomt. Het gemeten niveau ligt ver beneden de kankerverwekkende emissies die vrijkomen tijdens het roken van traditionele sigaretten.

Vehicle for aggregate harm or the lesser of two evils? Experts continue to flip flop on the issue

Electronic cigarettes are a new and divisive force in the struggle against tobacco-related morbidity and mortality. Two commentaries published in Annals of Internal Medicine offer opposing views on their use.


Long-term e-cigarette use could lead to chronic lung conditions, scientists have warned.

US researchers found e-cigarette vapour affects cells in the lungs in the same way as cigarettes smoke, even after just one hour.

Long-term exposure could lead to emphysema, which is also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.

These are, however, only preliminary results, but naturally, medical experts are hailing then as significant already.

E-cigarette companies unite to tackle proposed ban in Hong Kong

Five major electronic cigarette companies in the city have formed a new association to block the government's plan to ban the sale of their products in the city, the Post has learned.

Nav Lalji, one founder of the Asian Vape Association formed last week, said the group contained major players in the e-cigarette industry - including sellers, distributors and manufacturers - who make up about 70 per cent of the local market.

Two pulmonologists (who rely upon sick smokers for their incomes) falsely claim e-cigs are gateways to cigarette smoking

The use of e-cigarettes continues to dramatically increase, and the debate over their safety and appropriate use has heated up, in parallel. We as pulmonary clinicians are called upon to advise our patients and others about e-cigarettes, which presents challenges given the current limitations of the data upon which our advice should be based. What do we say?

Study finds sales of e-cigs at US convenience stores up 7% in March

A new study out this week shows that sales products related to e-cigarettes were up last month in the convenience channel. The latest Balvor Retailer Composite (BRC) shows that dollar sales of Electronic Nicotine Devices (END) were up 7.1% last month in the c-store channel, while retail units sold grew by more than a quarter (26.4%).

“It’s critical to have a deeper knowledge of the business as there are many factors causing fluctuations in the category’s performance,” according to Balvor Managing Partner David Bishop.

GSK announces relaunch of Nicorette lozenges after recalling products more than a year ago

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSKCH) today announced 2 mg and 4 mg Nicorette® mini Lozenge is now available at most retail shelves in the US following a supply shortage.

ObamaCare mandated and subsidized less-than-effective NRT and less-than-safe Chantix as most effective ways to quit smoking

Acting Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller issued a consumer alert today to inform customers that tobacco cessation programs are free under the Affordable Care Act. This alert followed a PA Insurance Department reminder issued to all insurers offering health insurance policies through the ACA marketplaces that they are required to provide tobacco cessation at no cost to policy holders. A recent American Lung Association report indicated some insurers were not complying with the tobacco cessation coverage mandate of the ACA.

Article claims Portugal has banned nicotine vapor products, bans smoking in workplaces

The government "approved a bill for the protection of citizens from the involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke and for the reduction of demand relating to addiction, as well as for the cessation of its consumption and the reinforcement of the information available to consumers," the statement said.

FDA sends research letter to Tobacco Control citing 40 adverse events with e-cigs by non users in past 3 years

[Actual Letter Hidden behind Pay Wall]

Correspondence to Dr Elizabeth L Durmowicz, Office of Science, Center for Tobacco Products, Food and Drug Administration, WO 75/Room 5476, 10903 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20993, USA; Elizabeth.durmowicz@fda.hhs.gov

Received 15 January 2015
Accepted 3 April 2015
Published Online First 23 April 2015

US Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) repeats lies about e-cigs

SCHUMER: E-CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS TARGETING TEENS WITH GLITZY ADS & CANDY FLAVORS LIKE ‘CHERRY CRUSH’ & ‘GUMMY BEAR’— NEW CDC REPORT SHOWS E-CIG PUFFING HAS TRIPLED AMONG HIGH SCHOOLERS; SCHUMER DEMANDS FDA BAN FUN FLAVORS & REGULATE MARKETING TACTICS AIMED AT KIDS http://www.schumer.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/schumer-e-cigarette-manufacturers-targeting-teens-with-glitzy-ads-and-candy-flavors-like-cherry-crush_gummy-bear-new-cdc-report-shows-e-cig-puffing-has-tripled-among-high-schoolers-schumer-demands-fda-ban-fun-flavors--regulate-marketing-tactics-aimed-at-kids

Big Pharma financed ALA lobbies for FDA deeming reg/ban

Big Pharma financed ALA lobbies for FDA deeming reg/ban by repeating CDC’s lies about e-cigs and NYTS e-cig data, conflating e-cigs with tobacco with highly addictive and lethal cigarettes, denigrating record decline in and record low cigarette smoking rates among teens, and failing to ethically disclose ALA’s huge financial conflicts of interest.

Big Pharma financed AAP misrepresents teen survey findings to news media

Teens no longer smoke just cigarettes. They have branched out to using alternative tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes, hookahs and little cigars. In fact, e-cigarette use is rising rapidly among both cigarette smokers and nonsmokers, according to a study to be presented Sunday, April 26 at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in San Diego.

31 former public health groups funded by Big Pharma urge quick approval of proposed regulations

31 former public health groups funded by Big Pharma and/or DHHS urge Obama to “quickly” approve FDA’s proposed cigarette industry protecting e-cig sales ban, falsely claim “Further delay will only serve the interests of the tobacco companies,” falsely accuse tobacco companies of marketing to youth (in violation of the 1998 MSA), deceitfully conflate negligible e-cig risks with addictive and lethal cigarettes, falsely claim “There are no restrictions in place to protect public health against the risks these products pose, particularly to the health of our children,” fail to express ANY conce

David Nutt: Unholy smoke? Why does USA fear vaping?

As a research psychiatrist who has spent most of my professional life looking for ways to mitigate the harms of addictive drugs, the concept of replacing a very harmful drug such as heroin with a safer one such as buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex) makes perfect sense. However when the same logic is applied in the market place, rather than in the consulting room, a different logic seems to apply. Smoked tobacco is the leading cause of premature death in the world today killing around 6 million people per year.

Carl Phillips: New York Times makes clear that they object to Joe Nocera’s honesty

Today, the New York Times Editorial Board, in an apparent backlash against their excellent columnist (one of the two), Joe Nocera, exercising his autonomy to write something honest about e-cigarettes, published both an anti-ecig screed by two leading liars and a general anti-THR screed of their own (mostly about e-cigarettes, though the headline was about smokeless tobacco). Needless to say, both are thick with lies. Honestly, they are pretty boring, but for the record, I thought I should call out a few points.....

ACSH: NY Times editorial and op-ed sows confusion between e-cigs and real ones

In their ongoing campaign to stifle the truthful communication of risks (hypothetical) and benefits (not yet documented but theoretically huge) regarding the innovative low-risk nicotine devices, e-cigarettes and vapor products, the NYTimes has reached new “heights” today. Working hand-in-glove with the “public health” officials, NGOs and politicians whose craving for cigarette tax money and/or big pharma largesse outweigh their ethics, the Times’ editorialists published an essay misleadingly titled The Perils of Smokeless Tobacco. Upon reading it, however,.....

Snus and e-cigarettes are indisputably safer than smoking, contrary to what the New York Times wants you to think

The New York Times would much rather have people believe that the e-cigarette as well as Snus is as bad as or possibly worse than traditional smoking.

Mike Siegel – Worst lie of them all: CDC tells public that smoking is no worse than vaping

The CDC Implies to the public that smoking traditional cigarettes is actually no worse than vaping.

CDC's false claims against the E-Cigarette to promote FDA deeming (reg/ban)

To lobby for FDA Deeming Reg/Ban, CDC’s Brian King falsely claims:
- e-cigarettes are as harmful cigarettes,
- all e-cigs and hookah products contain nicotine,
- nicotine causes brain damage,
- e-cigs are increasing smoking and tobacco use among youth, and
- increasing e-cig use “more than counterbalances the decrease in cigarette smoking”

2014 NYTS finding that 9.5% of high school students smoked a cigarette in “past 30 days” shatters DHHS’s Healthy People 2020 target of 16%

2014 NYTS finding that 9.5% of high school students smoked a cigarette in “past 30 days” shatters DHHS’s Healthy People 2020 target of 16%, which is the only Healthy People goal ever achieved for tobacco use.

Sally Satel: Why the CDC has it wrong about the rise in teen vaping

The CDC has cited studies recently pointing out the rise in use of the e-cigarette and vapor products my teenagers in America and condemning it as "a very bad thing" while use of conventional cigarettes by teens have spiked downward at accelerating rates.

FDA rejects Bill Godshall’s request to present scientific and empirical evidence on vaping (at FDA’s public workshop on June 1st & 2nd)

FDA rejects Bill Godshall’s request to present scientific and empirical evidence on vaping (at FDA’s so-called public workshop on June 1 & 2) on the following topics:

FDA to hold 3rd so-called public workshop on e-cigs and public health June 1st & 2nd

FDA will hold its 3rd so-called public workshop on E-Cigarettes and how they relate to public health on June 1st, and 2nd, 2015.

FDA's Mitch Zeller tells NATO future regulations should consider risk continuum of a product

FDA’s Mitch Zeller tells NATO "Armed with more science, yes, future regulations should take into consideration a products' place on the continuum of risk," but fails to acknowledge the Deeming Reg/Ban protects cigarette markets and threatens public health (by banning sale of >99.9% of e-cigs to adults) or the FSPTCA he lobbied to enact (as a GSK lobbyist) also protected cigarette markets from far lower risk smokeless tobacco.

E-smoke and mirrors: The debate on e-cigarettes’ HK future

Mr Ray Story sat down with the press, asking the Government for dialogue.

Mr Story believes banning e-cigarettes is unfair to current smokers. “To ban e-cigarettes, would only mean you will allow conventional cigarettes to continue,” he says. “Banning the product would therefore be extremely irresponsible.”

Nurture or Neuter: The e-cigarette industry in Hong Kong

Photo: Max and Vivian Kwok are the owners of local e-cigarette store, InDragonnet Vape.

The Government repeatedly claims,they intend to nurture innovation in Hong Kong and take advantage of emerging industries. As part of a new series, Harbour Times looks into how the Hong Kong Government’s efforts have empowered — or stifled — innovation and growth in certain industries. In the first of the series, we look at the e-cigarette business.

TVECA's Ray Story Refutes prospective E-cigarette ban in Hong Kong

Electronic cigarettes should be regulated in Hong Kong, not banned, says the head of the industry's largest representative organization.

Ray Story, president of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, said suggestions of a ban would be "ignorant" and "irresponsible" given that smoking rates in the city were already flat lining and that the product could help eliminate conventional tobacco use.

Health Experts Defend E-Cigarettes Amidst Concerns

Health experts at an Abu Dhabi anti-tobacco conference defended e-cigarettes, in spite of the increasing concerns that the devices are not safe and could lure adolescents into nicotine addiction. However, while experts have come to the defense of e-cigarettes, they agreed that the use of the devices still need more research and should be regulated much like tobacco.

Dutch to introduce 18+ age limit for electronic cigarettes

Junior health minister Martin van Rijn is slapping a minimum age of 18 on electronic cigarettes in an effort to stop youngsters smoking, he told parliament on Monday. The new rules will apply to e-cigarettes with and without nicotine and will bring the smoking aid age limit in line with tobacco and alcohol.

Data from largest U.S. tobacco study shows high use of multiple products

(Reuters) - Preliminary results from the largest U.S. survey of tobacco consumption show a high number of people use multiple products, adding key data to the debate on the role of e-cigarettes in reducing harm from tobacco.

The results of the study, released Thursday, showed 40 percent of tobacco consumers use multiple products, such as cigarillos, hookah and cigars. Half of all combinations involved e-cigarettes.

UN-backed treaty set to mark 10 years of dramatic change in tobacco use worldwide

26 February 2015 – A World Health Organization-led treaty that aims to achieve a tobacco-free world has dramatically curbed tobacco use worldwide since its entry into force 10 years ago tomorrow, but “the war on tobacco is far from over” with the tobacco industry still spending billions to promote products that are expected to kill some 8 million people each year by 2030, the United Nations health agency said.

Jane Brody’s column spreads poisonous nonsense about e-cigarettes

The well-respected NYTimes columnist Jane Brody has been around a long, long time, and we here at ACSH often use her column for its worthwhile information for our readers. Today’s piece, More Worries Rise From the Ashes, is in stark contrast to those, unfortunately. And this topic presented her with a great opportunity to do her readers a major service — instead, she offers irresponsible and harmful information about America’s number one problem: smoking.

In landmark FDA tobacco study, e-cig questions likely to linger

(Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is poised to release initial data from a landmark study into how Americans use tobacco products, but researchers expect many key questions about e-cigarettes to remain unanswered.

The five-year Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study of about 46,000 people, begun in 2011, is expected to provide a wealth of data about smoking behavior that could shape regulations ranging from warning labels and advertising restrictions to new product approvals.

Need to Curtail Smoking Becomes More Acute as Its Known Dangers Widen


February 23, 2015

A major new study of smoking and death has banged more nails into the coffin of cigarette smoking, though chances are it will do little to persuade any of the 42 million American smokers to quit.

If current smokers have not already responded to the well-established links between smoking and 21 diseases that together cause 480,000 deaths each year, adding another five diseases and 60,000 deaths to this grisly total is unlikely to make a difference — at least not by itself.

"Massive" tobacco industry third party lobbying for revised European Directive

The tobacco industry deployed "massive" third party lobbying to subvert revised European regulations on tobacco products, helped by regulatory reforms that seem to have made it easier for corporate interests to influence public health legislation, reveals research published online in Tobacco Control.

Imperial Tobacco widens e-cigarette strategy with new brand

Feb 4 (Reuters) - Imperial Tobacco Group Plc is launching a new e-cigarette in France next week,
giving the big tobacco firm a lifestyle brand in addition to its existing brand Puritane,
marketed more as a healthcare product......

California Joins Baseless Bashing of E-Cigarettes

SUPERSTITIONS ARE ALIVE and well. Not the kind athletes and other performers are known to indulge in, but big ones, like the belief in witches centuries ago, that affect all of us. One example: the weird war that health officials continue to wage against electronic cigarettes. E-cigs have been a godsend to people who wish to give up smoking or avoid taking up the habit in the first place. These devices involve no smoke, only a vapor, but give one the pleasure of nicotine without wrecking the lungs.

Duitsland wil belasting op e-sigaretten

Elektronische sigaretten met nicotinevloeistoffen moeten net zoveel worden belast als gewone sigaretten. Dat heeft drugscommissaris Marlene Mortler van de Duitse regering gezegd in een interview met de krant Stuttgarter Nachrichten. Er is in Duitsland nog geen accijns voor de zogeheten e-sigaretten. .....

States racing to regulate e-cigarettes

The American Cancer Society has found itself in a surprising position: opposing state proposals to make it illegal to sell e-cigarettes to minors. The cancer society doesn't want kids to use e-cigarettes, but it objects to what it calls "Trojan horse" legislation – bills that appear good for public health but that could addict more people to nicotine and roll back progress against clean air-- says Cathy Callaway of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.........

Handel 'kankerverwekkende' e-sigaret stort in

De e-sigaret zou vijftien keer kankerverwekkender kunnen zijn dan een gewone sigaret, bleek uit dit Amerikaanse onderzoek, gepubliceerd in een gerenommeerd wetenschappelijk tijdschrift. Al snel verschenen ook tegenreacties van critici, die zeiden dat de onderzoekers irreële instellingen van de e-sigaret hadden gebruikt. Alleen bij verkeerd gebruik en extreme oververhitting zou de kankerverwekkende stof vrij kunnen komen.

Van Rijn in actie tegen verheerlijken e-sigaret

Staatssecretaris Van Rijn van Volksgezondheid richt zijn vizier op reclames voor e-sigaretten. Juist de jeugd wordt door middel van vooral digitale reclame aangesproken door verschillende E-sigaretproducenten.

VS: Geen elektronische sigaret in vliegtuig

Het roken van een pijp, sigaretten en sigaren is al jaren verboden in vliegtuigen, maar als het aan de Amerikaanse luchtvaartautoriteit FAA ligt, geldt dat binnenkort ook voor de elektronische sigaret.

FAA warns U.S. airlines about e-cigarette risk

WASHINGTON -- The Federal Aviation Administration is warning U.S. carriers about the risk of fires caused by e-cigarettes. Earlier this month at Los Angeles International Airport, an overheated e-cigarette sparked a fire in a piece of luggage in a baggage area. Four months prior to that at Boston's Logan Airport, an e-cigarette in a passenger's bag caught fire in the cargo hold of a plane -- forcing an evacuation.

Wederom foutief media bericht om de elektronische sigaret in kwaad daglicht te stellen

Vandaag publiceerde de Telegraaf, Metronieuws en de Belgische site De Standaard online hetzelfde negatieve persbericht omtrent de elektronische sigaret: http://www.metronieuws.nl/binnenland/2015/01/e-sigaret-15-keer-kankerverwekkender-dan-sigaret Inmiddels is dit bericht door De Standaard al gerectificeerd: http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20150122_01487638 En door Acvoda op gereageerd: http://www.acvoda.nl/2015/01/22/goed-nieuws-geen-formaldehyde-in-e-sigaret/

Poorly-done e-cig vapor study gets big headlines but means nothing

A new research letter in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals how shoddy this once-respected medical journal has let its peer-review standards become. The authors, from Portland State University in Oregon, titled their work “Hidden formaldehyde in e-cigarette aerosols” in an apparent (and successful) attempt to get more media and advocacy attention than their inaccurate study would have normally garnered.

Five years later, NC businesses say smoking ban not a problem

RALEIGH, N.C. — It’s been five years since North Carolina banned smoking in restaurants and bars, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. Touted as a game changer for a tobacco-producing state, the ban has been embraced to the point it has become a non-issue for most restaurant operators, employees and the public.

Double tobacco tax, Council on Smoking and Health urges Hong Kong government

An anti-smoking body is calling on the government to double tobacco tax in a bid to get more Hongkongers to kick the habit. The current tax rate on a pack of cigarettes is 69 per cent. Doubling that would see the price rise from .....


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