Phillip Morris staying with it's traditional tobacco roots with "heat not burn" while BAT bets on next-gen vapor technology
BAT Puts it's efforts into it's new vapor product which boasts faster nicotine delivery & a better consumer sensation whilst Phillip Morris sticks close by it's traditional tobacco roots with iqos. Will "old tobacco" rise above or simply go up in vapor?
Chantix (The Quit Smoking Pill) to blame for recent shooting?
The smoking-cessation drug Chantix has now played a crucial role in a second violent crime. On Monday, a Maryland man was found not criminally responsible for shooting his wife in the neck in their home in 2014 because he was found to be suffering from “involuntary intoxication” due to Chantix
FDA encourages consumers to report e-cigarette issues directly to them
The FDA has opened a "Tobacco Safety Portal" and encourages consumers to report a product for reasons a subjective as "Not tasting as expected".
White House scrapped FDA plan to restrict flavored e-cigarettes
WASHINGTON – A White House office deleted language in a recently introduced tobacco regulation that would have removed flavored e-cigarettes from the market until they had been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration, an edited version of the document shows.
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We've provided a portal to allow you to anonymously report IP infringement below to help keep the industry strong and stable for the future!
Recent Scientific Updates
The TVECA Science Page has been updated with the most recent studies and valuable industry information on the E-Cigarette and Vapor categories. We pride ourselves in getting you the information first to aid in development of proactive strategies rather than reactive. (Logged in members only)

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