Obama Administration Pushes forward without OMB
Obama's White House plans to accelerate e-cigarette regulation as part of the unveiling of the final year regulation agenda of the Obama Administration
Who's next?
TVECA predicts that the majority will settle patent infringement with Fontem Imperial within 60 days
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Razor Cargo
These guys are familiar with not only the industry, but also the regulatory framework and the challenges surrounding our industry at this time and they have worked tirelessly for us throughout our progression.
Recent Scientific Updates
The TVECA Science Page has been updated with the most recent studies and valuable industry information on the E-Cigarette and Vapor categories. We pride ourselves in getting you the information first to aid in development of proactive strategies rather than reactive. (Logged in members only)
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Europe Tobacco Products Directive
TVECA Position Paper regarding the European Commission, Parliament, and Council reached a compromise agreement, The revised Directive will come into force in May 2014, with the new rules having to be implemented into national law by mid-2016.
Electronic Cigarettes ARE a Tobacco Product
Age Verification is the LAW for all Tobacco Products!
Federal Aviation Administration
Contact TVECA to learn more about the Federal Aviation Administration - FAA

Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association

TVECA is an international nonprofit trade association. Our organization is dedicated to creating a sensible and responsible electronic cigarette market by providing the media, legislative bodies and consumers with education, communication and research.

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Purpose of the TVECA

The TVECA is an electronic cigarette trade group which has been established to provide the media, legislative bodies and those that are currently using the electronic cigarette (e-cig) a single industry resource to simply provide the scientific facts behind a new technology that has garnered disinformation.

Science & Compliance

The TVECA, as the longest running international electronic cigarette trade association, institutes and promotes industry-wide standards and a code of conduct, work to maintain sound professional practices and work with government agencies to ensure member compliance to all state, local, and federal tobacco & vapor law.

The Voice of an industry

All TVECA members have been screened for compliance to all current industry standards and practices. All TVECA members adhere to principals of the TVECA. The TVECA acts as a voice for the e-cigarette industry. Please contact us to speak with or schedule an interview.

Commission Implementing Decision 2015/2183

Download Draft Guidance Document

Download the T.O.C. of the new Deeming Regulations

Save The Industry

As you have likely gathered from the FDA draft documents, our rights as vapers as well as the livelihoods of many working in the industry has been threatened drastically. We at the TVECA are committed to the preservation of the industry as well as our right to a vastly less harmful alternative to smoking. We all must unite together in this desperate time to make our voices heard and to refuse to be put out by the interests of Big Pharma and other special interests.

What We're Doing

We are currently engaged in talks with our legal staff as well as the FDA to leverage a good outcome to this otherwise vexing situation. We are utilizing every available source to counter-act the Substantial Equivalency date as well as other pitfalls. We are all working tirelessly to ensure that the industry stays alive and healthy for everyone involved.

What You Can Do

We appreciate any help we can get in fighting what may be a long and cumbersome legal battle in the near future. If you want to help us help you, any of the following will be greatly appreciated:

  • Link back to the TVECA site and use our logo on your site and/or blog
  • Volunteer to write content and articles for us
  • Become a member of the TVECA

In The News

E-cig Hysteria is Hazardous to your health

To say electronic cigarettes ignite controversy is an understatement. For some, e-cigarettes offer the prospect of disrupting the $800 billion global cigarette trade by providing a satisfying alternative to smoking. Nicotine itself is not a carcinogen, and e-cigarettes do not have all of the toxins and carcinogens produced by burning tobacco that cause half of all long-term smokers to die prematurely.

Yale Researchers find that Connecticut may have to rethink e-cigarette policies

The researchers, from Yale School of Public Health, analyzed data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health and found that state bans on e-cigarettes to minors resulted in a 0.9 percentage point increase in the rate of conventional cigarette use among young people ages 12 to 17.

TSA: E-cigs in luggage no longer allowed

The reason being given in the media for this change is because of the perceived or real fire threat. Ecig batteries have been known to heat up, but some poorly constructed ones can actually catch fire. Apparently this has happened before and the federal authorities are not going to take any chances with a fire in the belly of a plane.

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