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Deeming Regulations Released

What you need to know about regulation and distribution about electronic cigarettes.

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FDA eCig regulations Proposed Rule

TVECA Official Statement. Position for the industry and its members.

We defend and support the entire ecig category and that includes logical and responsible regulation for liquids and mods. We have successfully worked with regulatory bodies in Europe to build a logical and responsible platform for this category. This will help the industry thrive as it will demand that those irresponsible players adhere to rules and regulations that the responsible industry already abides by. This will not just benefit the ecig industry but ultimately the end user as they will now get a reliable and consistent product that has been manufactured with the highest degree of oversight and control.

The TVECA has great success in making the e-cigarette or personal vaporizer legal wherever it has entered the market. Our track record speaks for itself in the USA as well as the EU.
-Banned in the USA until, Smoking Everywhere versus the FDA.
-Banned in most of Europe until, UTVG versus the Dutch FDA.
-Changed laws and implemented new laws for all 28 countries in the EU, which was accepted and voted into law in Strasbourg, France in March 2014.

The TVECA accomplished this by working closely with law makers and all responsible EU associations.

The Purpose of the TVECA

The TVECA has been established to provide the media, legislative bodies and those that are currently using the electronic cigarette (e-cig) a single industry resource to simply provide the scientific facts behind a new technology that has garnered tremendous disinformation. Now with over 3.5 Million Americans using the e-cig and over 21 scientific studies of e-cig constituencies it is our mission to disseminate the facts and truths about a new technology smokers are actually using daily and health advocacy groups are aligned against.

Science, Compliance, Truth

The mission of the TVECA is to provide the media, legislative bodies and those interested the science behind the e-cig. The TVECA was also founded to institute and promote industry-wide standards and a code of conduct, work to maintain sound professional practices and work with governmental agencies to ensure member compliance to all state, local federal tobacco law.

The Voice of an industry

All TVECA members have been screened for compliance to all current industry standards and practices. All TVECA members adhere to principals of the TVECA. The TVECA acts as a voice for the e-cig industry. To speak to or schedule an interview with a TVECA principal or board member please Click Here

“ Regarding harm to third parties & to the public interest, the district court observed the FDA had cited no evidence to show that electronic cigarettes harmed anyone. ”

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Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association

The TVECA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a sensible and responsible electronic cigarette market by providing the media, legislative bodies and consumers with education, communication and research.

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